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Just popping in to say "hi"

Hello, fellow Kurtty fans! I've only just joined up here but I guess I've been a Kurtty fan for a while, though I'm more on the comics side of things (I've watched Evo, too, of course, but I'm more of a comics person in general). I'd say I'm more a fan of their friendship than anything, though I've always been intrigued by the possibility of something... more. At any rate, I was inspired enough by the idea to write a comics Kurtty trilogy (which I know some of you have already checked out--here's my profile for anyone else who's interested:

I'm not sure if this has ever appeared here before, but it's a great scene anyway (I used it in my most recent Kurtty fanfic, Whole into Parts --if you click the link, please note the story is rated ``M`` for some adult content). Kitty stands up for Kurt when he's being chased by a mob in Uncanny X-Men #210. Love Kitty`s hair here--maybe she`s trying to look more ``mature...`` LOL

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