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a demon and a kitten
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Kitty/Kurt Fanfiction 
25th-Jun-2006 11:09 pm
Heyas!! I'm Claudia, or most people online know me simply as C. I've been a major Kurt fangirl since 1999, and totally fell in love with the whole Kitty/Kurt relationship. Not just in 616, but in X-Men Evolution where my love for this pairing really blossomed. I mean, have you ever seen two people made for each other on X-Men Evolution? (Jean and Scott included of course, but blah... we all knew that'd happen) They are just to adorable and they are my OTP in 616 as well. (Next to Kurt and Betsy anyway... lol)

So anyway, back in 1999 - 2000 I wrote some fanfiction with the Kitty/Kurt pairing. So I decided to list it here to share with you all and tell me what you think! It's not my best for I've become much better but I still like it. Enjoy!!

Kitty's Trip
A Reunion of Memories
5th-Feb-2007 01:38 am (UTC)
Ahh, much as I love Kurtty, Kurtsy is adorable too, and was my first OTP when I got back into X-men not long ago. (C'mon, she tries to smother him with her breasts not 20 issues ago. It was so cute.) Nice to meet someone else who likes it!

I'll read your stories as soon as I am able!
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